‘Awakening’ hotel project to offer stays in ‘human cocoons’

A new hotel project called Awakening is offering investors the chance to participate in a socially- and environmentally-conscious business by crowdfunding a large portion of its necessary funding, according to PRWeb.com

The hotel is currently doing pre-pre sales on Indiegogo, and is giving access to over 8,500 room nights at 80% discount for leisure stays, personal development trainings, Mayan ceremony experiences and other great perks that are offered to all campaign “backers”. Buyers will have the chance to be one of Awakening’s first hotel guests and enjoy other benefits.

Located near southeastern Mexico’s most important national park and world heritage site, Sian Ka’an, the hotel includes a cenote filled with crystal clear fresh water, and is surrounded by extensive, uninhabited mangrove and jungle. Visitors can stay in a “Human Cocoon,” on the shores of the Laguna Nopalitos, with the option to engage in personal development activities for body, mind, and spirit.

Awakening defines itself as ¨a transformational travel experience that combines high-end comfort, profound relaxation, and exhilarating adventure that is a lot of fun.¨


The company states that ¨this is an opportunity to improve the lives of others, reconnect with nature and take a step beyond just a vacation, taking home great memories, new perspectives and skills, along with an increased consciousness to help them live a happier, healthier and more abundant life.”

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Source: http://www.prweb.com/