Yucatan: State with strongest financial and credit conditions to invest

Financial growth Photo: Google

As measured by the agency HR Ratings, Yucatán provides greater confidence and certainty for business and investments due to its financial and credit strength and continuous growth, making it one of the most reliable in México. According to the company, it is considered a state “with high credit quality. It offers great safety for timely payment of debt obligations. Likewise, it maintains very low credit risk in economic risk scenarios. “

In their latest review, on June 30, 2017, with an HR “AA-” score with a stable outlook, the agency ranks Yucatan as one of the states with the highest rating in the matter. This evaluation represents a significant growth compared to previous years. Additionally, since its founding 10 years ago, this is the highest mark the rating agency has given to Yucatan. During its 2012 evaluation, the state’s mark was HR “A”. It continued showing improvement during the second year of Governor Rolando Zapata Bello’s administration, as it increased up to HR “A+.

Some of the aspects analyzed by HR Ratings are the main debt ratios, rhythm, the reduction of financial obligations without cost, and a good performance in regards to primary balance. The firm stated that Yucatán had 4.1 percent less in total expenditure than what was expected.

SOURCE: La Revista Peninsular