Yucatán posts highest alcohol consumption rate in México

(Photo: El Debate)

The Secretariat of Health (SSA) revealed that in the course of just one week, Yucatan registered 213 new cases of excessive alcohol consumption. Thus, until June 24 of this year, the cases added up to 4,418 [4,060 men and 358 women]. Surprisingly, during the same period in 2016, there were 110 fewer cases [4,308].

Out of the 32 states in the country, Yucatan has the highest number of cases. The states that follow it are Jalisco, with 1,644; Mexico City, with 1,537, and Guanajuato, with 1,319. In other Peninsular rates, Quintana Roo has registered so far 112, and Campeche, 92. However, this is a troubling situation for Yucatan, as it has fewer inhabitants than most states in the Republic; with about two million, compared to entities that have also reported numerous cases, whose populations range between five to nine million.

Photo: El Debate

On the other hand, the entity does not register a high number of people with alcoholic liver cirrhosis, since just 116 cases have been registered in the course of the year, compared to the same time period in 2016, with 130. According to the numbers, with these 213 new cases, it is equivalent to 30 per day or 1 per hour.

As a result of this information, the Partido Verde Ecologista de México wants to create an initiative which changes the legal age to buy and consume alcohol to 21 years old instead of the current legal age of 18.

SOURCE: El Debate