Yucatan churches to offer Mass in English

Photo: SIPSE

The Archdiocese of Yucatán is looking forward to implementing a new strategy to draw tourists’ attention by giving Masses in English and distributing informational brochures, SIPSE reported.

MÉRIDA — “We are in charge of promoting religious tourism in the state with historic and architectural wealth, such as temples, monuments, altarpieces and convents. (We are) seizing the opportunity to give out information and Christianization to anyone”, stated Presbyter Jorge Martinez Ruz, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Yucatan.

Martinez Ruz mentioned places in Yucatan that are not only touristic attractions, but also religious symbols, such as the Convento de Izamal and Merida’s Cathedral. As well as churches like Iglesia de Jesús; El Divino Maestro; Santa Ana; Santa Lucía; Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe; Nuestra Señora de Candelaria; Nuestra Señora de Consolación; San Juan, and Santiago Apóstol. All these points offer cultural and religious heritage to any of their guests.

Photo: SIPSE

The Church of Yucatan has a Pastoral of Tourism which seeks to attract visitors. Thus, it is aimed to public service providers and entrepreneurs in this area, as well as anyone visiting from outside the state. Likewise, the Archdiocese spokesman also indicated that they are planning on providing maintenance service to the Catholic temples and convents.