Red tide may arrive to Yucatecan beaches. (PHOTO:

According to SIPSE, in the beginning of these summer vacations the red tide is approaching Yucatecan coasts. The sighting of this phenomenon took place on Monday in the strech between Dzilam and San Felipe, which alerted the touristic sector. Due to this, the president of the Tourist Business Council, Jorge Escalante Bolio, considered necessary that the corresponding authorities will have to act on it to maintain the state’s beaches and recreation areas near the ocean clean and accessible.

“Attracting tourists is expensive, so during this holiday season it is necessary to keep a constant watch on any environmental issues. Likewise, beaches need to be inspected in order to verify that they meet all necessary conditions for the enjoyment and safety of the tourists,” he added.

Red tide may arrive to Yucatecan beaches. (PHOTO:

According to data gathered, fishermen spotted red tide patches off the east coast of the state, which also causes concern in their sector, as octopus season approaches. Specifically, fishermen from Rio Lagartos and San Felipe reported that in the last few days they have observed a couple of red tide patches, both approximately eight fathoms long (and 12 to 14 nautical miles offshore).

The first of them was seen on San Felipe’s northeast, to Chekusan’s north; the second one was found between the coasts of El Cuyo and Rio Lagartos. Due to the sea currents, the phenomenon could reach the coast, affecting the ports from Dzilam to Sisal. Unfortunately, if it continues in the same direction, it would affect tremendously the fishing economy.

For its part, the Regional Captaincy of Ports in Progreso reported not having sightings of this phenomenon. However, they mentioned that they will keep an eye on it and anything regarding red tide, and as soon as it is confirmed they will issue an official alert.




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