Whale Shark in Cozumel Photo: El Diario La Verdad

COZUMEL, Q.Roo — Divers have reported sighting of a five-meter whale shark on the south side of Cozumel, close to the E. Melgar Malecón.

A group of divers who were exploring the reef of Villa Blanca observed this cetacean that was calmly swimming in the island’s crystalline blue waters. They sighted the whale shark in the area between the Ro-Ro ferry dock and the international cruise pier.

Whale Shark in Cozumel
Photo: El Diario La Verdad

This is the first time that something of this nature is seen in Cozumel, but this species is common in Holbox and Isla Mujeres. However, they have to go through open sea to head towards the Gulf of Mexico; it was exceptional that this sighting could be captured.

The tourists who were fortunate to experience this moment did not hesitate to take pictures and savored the moment. Likewise, service providers who were passing by stopped so tourists could stay and enjoy the show this gigantic animal was performing.

SOURCE: El Diario La Verdad