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OPINION: Division between Merida’s north and south is a myth

by Yucatan Times
We cannot continue to foment a discriminatory idea that divides our city in two, writes Jesús A. González Dzul in Milenio newspaper.

I take the bus that takes me to the other side of the city, to the north. On the way I can see many humble houses that were trapped between luxurious residences; there is also tremendous traffic from the countless cars that circulate. Everything is changing, as on the banks of the periphery grow large buildings that increasingly interrupt the panoramic sky of Mérida, and the machines destroy the green areas with an uncomfortable ease.

But this is “development,” they say; the north is growing to generate jobs, great real estate developments and impressive commercial plazas that will bring greater peace and prosperity to the people who live in this area … But is this real? Is the north of Mérida so different from the rest of the city?

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Much is said about the contrast between north and south. It is said that in the north there are gains, opportunities, development and security that the south has never offered. Governments have pushed for expensive projects to lessen these differences: they build roads, erect street lighting, modernize parks, but the south still seems to be inferior to the north. Will not we be the problem?

Perhaps this represents a collective stereotype, an erroneous idea with which we Meridanos grow up, since, beyond private investments and infrastructure, there is no guarantee that these two areas offer a totally opposite life.

In the south we can also find prepared people, social development centers, beautiful colonies and, of course, safe streets where people live peacefully. While in the north, unfortunately, we can still locate areas with social development problems, since, like all others, this area does not grow free of delinquency.

Where I am heading with these thoughts is simple: we can not continue fomenting a discriminatory idea that divides our city into two parts, where one is much better than the other. With this we generate greater inequality. The west, center and east are also part of Mérida, right?

Source: Milenio Diario

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