Uber vs Taxis Photo: Google Images

In new events surrounding Uber’s presence in Mexico, specifically in the Peninsula, taxi drivers from Cancún have shown their displeasure in several ways, such as insults, assaults to Uber vehicles and drivers, and more recently, through a cartel-style “warning banner” (narcomanta).

The taxi drivers’ union is still trying to get Uber out of Quintana Roo because anyone using this platform is supposedly working in the region ‘illegally”. A new “Mobility Plan” (Plan de Movilidad) is in the works to outdo previous ones and show that this one is making a change.

Thus, taxi drivers are expecting the Governor’s [Carlos Joaquín] and Quintana Roo’s representatives’ support, as well as requesting them not to change the law. They demand that whoever wants to provide any transportation service would have to do so with a license granted by the state government.

The aformentioned information was stated by the Andrés Quintana Roo Taxi Drivers Union’s Deputy Secretary-General, Erasmo Abelar Cámara, who commented that they understand that modern times have arrived; this is why they created their radio taxi app. “It’s very clear we have to improve our services. That is why we are doing it, because Uber is not better, it’s just different; they try to gain popularity among citizens with apparently low prices, but they have a dynamic fare that fluctuates all the time”

However, it seems that the anger towards the service Uber offers to people increases as days go by. Not everything taxi drivers have done to achieve their goal to ban this service has been peacefully manifested. An alleged threat against Uber drivers and customers was found on July 4th written on a blanket. The first part reads “An Uber cleanse will begin soon, not only to its drivers, but also to anyone cooperating with this service”.

Narcomanta threatening Uber drivers and its users
Photo: Yucatán a la mano

The blanket was located in Supermanzana 51, on Avenida Nichupté, in front of Residencial Toscana. The note continues: “We’ll go after all the f***ing [Uber] drivers. Don’t get yourselves killed, heads will roll… First and last notice!!!”

Nonetheless, despite what has been happening between Uber and taxi drivers, Marisol Vanegas, Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, reported that Uber’s operation in Cancun will not be banned and they will seek to regulate it. Vanegas expressed that this initiative is not fully structured yet, but they are looking forward to presenting it in the upcoming months to the State of the Union.

SOURCES: Yucatán a la Mano / Milenio / Palco Quintanarroense