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“Molar City,” the cheapest dental-tourism destination for North Americans

by Yucatan Times

“Immigration and the Mexican border have been in the news for months. But all the stories have been about people coming to the United States. The untold story is how many Americans are leaving the U.S. for Mexico. Not to stay but to get dental care, states Wendell Potter, a Huffington Post contributor.

So many Americans are making the trip across the border to see a dentist that one small border town, Los Algodones, is now better known by its nickname: Molar City. The demand has become so great that a website has been created to help Americans make appointments with Mexican dentists before they leave home.

Los Algodones, population 5,500, is the northernmost town in Mexico, a stone’s throw from the international border at Andrade, California, and just 10 miles west of Yuma, Arizona. But this is no typical border town. It has far more dentists per capita than any city or town in Mexico. Or the United States for that matter. In fact, it reportedly has the highest density of dentists in the world. By some estimates, just about one of every 15 residents is a dentist.

“This is a city that was built on caring for teeth. It’s flourished because its wealthy neighbour puts a high price on the cost of a healthy smile.”, Sky News reporters, who visited “Molar City” recently, expressed.

According to the people whom they interviewed at the site, Americans and Canadians can save up to thousands of dollars for the same procedures and quality they would find in the United States or Canada, as a lot of the dentists who work in Los Algodones have received professional training in the USA. Below is a simple comparison done by Sky News to show how much people save in this haven for dental tourism.

Price Comparison (USD)

Crown and implant: Mexico: $190; US: $600
Dental Implants: Mexico: $1,100; US: $4,000

SOURCE: Sky News / Sky News Youtube Channel / SDP Noticias / Huffington Post

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