Mérida included in network of world’s top gastronomic cities

French foodnetwork Délice declares Mérida as a gastronomic city, the 2nd one in México Photo: El Debate

The French network Délice, created in 2007, integrates the city of Merida in its list of gastronomic cities that work to share themes and practices in everything related to food. The jury voted unanimously to include Mérida among the world’s cities most recognized for their cuisine.

Mérida had to meet certain requirements imposed by Délice Networks, which is an enterprise that seeks to offer member cities a platform to meet with cooks, chefs and gastronomic professional trained people from around the world. Firstly, it had to corroborate its gastronomic quality culture. Then, the quality and variety of its culinary offerings around the city. Lastly, the way in which the Yucatecan cuisine attracts tourism and helps to promote this city as a destination.

Panuchos, one of Yucatán’s best-known culinary offerings 
Photo: Google

Other cities that integrate this 22-group network are: Hong Kong, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Bordeaux, Madrid and Lisbon, among others. Additionally, it is worth-mentioning that Puebla is already included in this list because, like Mérida, it consists of a wide, rich and diverse gastronomic culture.

SOURCE: El Debate