Chetumal to Cordoba, Veracruz: More ease and a new cooking style, but watch out for the kids!    

We continue our Mexico road trip series with Chuck Bolotin, from Best Places in the World to Retire, as he, his wife, and two dogs drive through Mexico in a large, white van. Chuck invites us to come along as they drive from Mexico’s southernmost city, through the bottom of the Yucatan and on to Cordoba, while he describes the sites and rituals, learns a new cooking style, and sees if anything has changed.

Here was our situation:

  • It was the middle of the Christmas High Season, when house rental prices are the highest and house rental vacancies are the lowest. (The euphemistic term for this is “Landlord’s Market.”)
  • My wife, Jet, our two dogs and I we were in Chetumal, about as far south as you can go and still be in Mexico.
  • Due to a bad experience with a house rental (see: Two House Rentals Gone Wrong, and a Guardian Angel) and as a result, no reservations anywhere, we needed a place to stay for several months in exchange rental payments which wouldn’t result in bankruptcy (see: “Landlord’s Market”, above).

What would you do? From this…

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PHOTO: Chuck Bolotin