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Yucatecan guayaberas seduce the entire world

by Yucatan Times
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The quality of the garments of this workshop has allowed them to be sold in United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and even Dubai

According to El Universal, if there is a traditional garment that is synonymous with distinction, this is the Yucatecan guayabera. Its fame as an elegant piece of clothing comes from its origin over 200 years ago, when it was considered exclusive of upper classes that were able to import them from Cuba. Today, this Mexican garment has reinvented itself and conquers equally young people, women, and even presidents.

Located in the heart of the state, 45 kilometers from Merida, resides Kimbilá, a small community of 2 thousand 500 inhabitants located in the municipality of Homún, famous in the region for its traditional embroideries. It is precisely in this community that Silvia López, a store of guayaberas and typical garments, is famous for its artisan creations on fabrics such as linen, poplin and cotton, embroidered by Yucatecan hands.

(Photo: El Universal)

(Photo: El Universal)

Despite modernity, the process of making a guayabera is still handmade. This is considered in Silvia López, a workshop where 24 men and women are in charge of embroidering and assembling the garments. But, because craftsmanship is not against innovation, also more modern models are created here, so, not only light colors such as white, beige or light blue guayaberas are manufactured, but also bright colors and fabrics as denim.

These artisan men and women, whose hands elaborate these multicolored embroideries, take on average two to three days to finish one of the most sophisticated garments, while the simplest ones are made in only two days.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, Jorge May May, owner of the workshop, says that the key to making his garments reach corners of the world like Dubai, one of the seven Arab Emirates, “is quality and craftsmanship innovative according to the era and modernism.” The craftsman says that it is a matter of harmonizing quality with tradition.

Astrid Ojeda Torres, daughter in law of Jorge May May, is in charge of combining modernity with typical embroideries, making the guayaberas look fresh and fashionable.

The quality of the garments of this workshop has allowed them to be sold in United States cities such as Dallas, Washington, New York among others, as well as in European Community countries. In addition, thanks to this family factory, the Yucatecan guayaberas have reached countries as distant as Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and even the aforementioned Dubai.

Source: www.eluniversal.com.mx

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