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The most congested avenues in Merida? Here are six…

by Yucatan Times

MERIDA – Thanks to demographic growth, the economic and commercial aspect of Merida have improved in recent years, but it also has generated new problems, for example the increase in the number of vehicles that transit through the avenues of the city.

The development of new real estate projects has showed us the need to create new and better road plans, to solve the problems of mobility and traffic, which also contemplate the growth of the city. Do you seem to find unnecessary closing of streets to build and improve traffic flow? Then perhaps it is time to know and analyze the 6 slowest avenues of the city:

Paseo de Montejo and Prolongación Montejo

(Photo: Inmobilia)

(Photo: Inmobilia)

Paseo de Montejo is one of the main avenues and commercial corridors of the city. A few years ago an expansion of this avenue was made towards the north of the city. This extension is known today as “Prolongación Paseo de Montejo”, alluding to the original avenue with which it connects.

Anyone who has wanted to travel this long avenue at rush hour is quite clear that you can lose more than 30 minutes trying to reach some destination. Even a short destination of 3.4 km long, which runs from Club Campestre to Plaza Galerías, near Via Montejo, can take up to 20 minutes.

Although Prolongación Montejo is a relatively wide avenue, compared to the rest of the city’s avenues, the road is unable to effectively withstand traffic the vehicles that run through it.

(Photo: Inmobilia)

Overpass at intersection of Prolongación Paseo de Montejo and Circuito Colonias (Photo: Inmobilia)

On this avenue there are plenty of restaurants and shops, which increase traffic and automobile accidents. Over the last few years, Paseo de Montejo and Prolongación have been modified to solve road problems, one of the most recent and controversial modification is the famous “overpass”.

Mérida 2000 Avenue

(Photo: Inmobilia)

(Photo: Inmobilia)

The Mérida 2000 Avenue is a linear series of multiple avenues that ends in the colony Francisco de Montejo.

All along the avenue there are a pretty big amount of services such as restaurants, malls and shops that increase considerably the number of vehicles and complicate the mobility of public and private transport. A journey between the Hacienda Chenkú and Francisco de Montejo, lasts about 10 minutes.

The fact that it ends in Francisco de Montejo also is a problematic by itself, because it is one of the favorite routes for the hundreds of inhabitants of this colony.

Cámara de Comercio Avenue

Roundabout of "El Pocito" (Photo: Inmobilia)

Roundabout of “El Pocito” at the intersection of Cámara de Comercio Avenue and Andrés García Lavín Avenue (Photo: Inmobilia)

Is another avenue located at the north section of the city, and it connects with another important traffic routes such as Prolongación Montejo and García Lavín Avenue.

Although the Camara de Comercio Avenue isn’t that full of cars as the other ones already mentioned, it has several connections with certain residential areas of the north of the city that make it a problematic area for the Merida’s inhabitants.

The journey on Cámara de Comercio Avenue towards Santa Gertrudis Copó takes place in a time of 14 minutes.

Tecnológico Avenue

(Photo: Inmobilia)

(Photo: Inmobilia)

Also known as 60 North Street, it is used on multiple occasions as an alternate route for those who want to avoid the congestion of Prolongación Paseo Montejo. But there is a small problem: Calle 60 is a two lanes street, which submits all the traffic to a small space, making it an even more problematic avenue than Prolongación Montejo.

One thing that definitely nobody wants is to be trapped in rush hour on such a small avenue, and if we also consider the traffic created by the multiple educational institutes that are on the avenue, the Tecnológico Avenue becomes an area that you must avoid.

A tour between the Montejo Universitary Center and the Salvador Alvarado Stadium takes you around 20 minutes in rush hours.

Circuito Colonias

(Photo: Inmobilia)

(Photo: Inmobilia)

Circuito Colonias refers to a series of streets and avenues that were unified to form a single road ring of now approximately 25 kilometers.

Although the traffic is not equal throughout the whole circuit, its great length and the encounter with other avenues transited as the avenue Itzáes, make Circuito Colonias an area quite problematic to transit, especially in rush hours.

An average journey through this area during a rush hour lasts a period of 14 minutes.

García Lavín Avenue

(Photo: Inmobilia)

(Photo: Inmobilia)

The García Lavín Avenue has seen the greater infrastructural, commercial and housing development growth in the last years but unfortunately the inefficient road planning have turned it into a very congested zone and impossible to transit at certain hours.

The avenue’s traffic has had troubles when it was incorporated the new electrical installations and other services related to the businesses around. The traffic has become numb and annoying for hundreds of inhabitants who must use this road daily.

Likewise, with the development of new real estate projects, the only future for the García Lavín Avenue is to become in an area that the inhabitants will want to avoid at all costs.

As you can see, the transfer times between one and another point of the city are complicated and this will not stop in the years to come, but quite the opposite: traffic will increase, vehicular chaos will generate greater accidents and the adjustments to the avenues will become a major nuisance for the inhabitants.

For this reason, it is important that the new real estate developments, mainly those located in important roads of the city of Merida have a road plan that improve the traffic in the city.

Source: info.inmobiliamx.com

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