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Rain-dampened “Noche Blanca” still considered a success

by Yucatan Times
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The people ask for more similar activities and events in Merida.

MERIDA — Despite the strong storm that left streets drenched in various parts of the city, some people were encouraged to go around the historic center of Merida to enjoy the activities scheduled on the occasion of the “Noche Blanca”.

However, a good number of the 154 activities, especially those scheduled in the open air, had to be canceled due to the rain.

Among the audience the Diario de Yucatán gathered opinions about whether they believe that this type of event helps to promote the culture and traditions of Merida, and if one could consider the city as the capital of art and culture for one night.

Raquel Morales Pérez, from the Vergel colony, commented that for people who do not have much time to go out, the “Noche Blanca” helps them to know the cultural offer of Merida in a single night, because on normal days, when people leave work, Galleries and museums have already closed.

Olimpo Cultural Center during the Noche Blanca (Photo: Foto Celis, Diario de Yucatán)

Olimpo Cultural Center during the Noche Blanca (Photo:
Foto Celis, Diario de Yucatán)

Interviewed in the gallery Noox Azcorra, where at 9 o’clock was supposed to play the Swinga tu Madre group, who were late because of the rain, Raquel added that she uses these dates to visit the galleries and see what there is.

As to whether Merida can be considered as cultural capital in one night, she responded that “not only for one night but always, because every day and in various places there is always something to do, see or visit, the advantage of the “Noche Blanca” is that everything happens in a single night and, practically, in a same route … pity that today the rain fell “.

Carlos Miguel Uc Canto, from the colony Serapio Rendón, also said that the “Noche Blanca” is good for watching free shows.

“I do not have time when going to work, but when there are events like this, I try to go for a walk with the family. What I like most are the regional works they present in Mejorada and from there we look for a place to have dinner. “

People watching a danse spectacle at Bar el Crdenal (Photo. Adriana Carrillo Aleman, Diario de Yucatán)

People watching a danse spectacle at Bar el Cardenal
(Photo. Adriana Carrillo Aleman, Diario de Yucatán)

He also said that you can consider Mérida as cultural capital on that night because there are events for all tastes. “It would be good for the government to do more events like this, because it’s makes us to appreciate more our city.

The “Noche Blanca” was programmed in 72 venues, with more than 150 activities, and 700 artists in scene. The activity was joined by more than 100 restaurants that offered discounts of ten percent.

For the concerts of Armando Manzanero and Mario Bautista there were already dozens of people waiting for the realization of these events from hours before, but due to bad weather they had to be canceled.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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