Mérida Pride Parade set for June 17

LGBTQ Pride Parade Yucatán 2016 Photo: Informat Yucatan

Mérida will “paint itself” with rainbow colors in the 15th annual Sexual Diversity march in Yucatán, which will take place this Saturday June 17 at Parque de los Niños Héroes (Mejorada), and it will finish with a pacific manifestation and an artistic festival at La Plaza Grande.

Pride March 2016 "Stop Homophobia, Lesbophobia and Transphobia in Yucatán" Photo: Google
Pride March Yucatán 2016
“Stop Homophobia, Lesbophobia and Transphobia in Yucatán”
Photo: Google

“The purpose of this 15th march, as well as of the activities performed, is to make us visible and to erradicate homophobia, biphobia, lesbophobia, and transphobia in our state. This way, we will be promoting respect to human rights, along with healthcare and STD prevention among the members of the LGBTQ community”, mentioned Alfredo Morales Candiani, president of the Rights, Culture and Sexual Diversity Association A.C. (DCyDS AC).

“It has been 15 years of struggle and fights, but there is still a long way to go; the goal here is not easy. This is why we are inviting everyone to join this cause; to work together as a society to get the government to create public policies that let everyone enjoy the same rights”, he stated.

Source: InformatYucatan

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