Merida chef still missing after Uber ride Sunday

Brianda Elizabeth Castillo Cupul. (PHOTO: La Verdad)

MERIDA — A woman who works as a chef in a restaurant located in the center of Merida on Sunday June 25 boarded a Uber vehicle at approximately 5:30 a.m. and from that moment nothing else is known about her whereabouts.

Brianda Elizabeth Castillo Cupul asked the Uber driver to take her to Santa Rosa colony in the south of the city and by mistake was taken to Santa Rosa in Kanasín where she left the vehicle.

No one knows her whereabouts. On Sunday at approximately 7 a.m., relatives tried to communicate to the phone of Brianda Elizabeth. but a man answered the call assuring that she had sold the cell phone to him.

Brianda Elizabeth Castillo Cupul. (PHOTO: La Verdad)
Brianda Elizabeth Castillo Cupul. (PHOTO: La Verdad)

The route that the Uber took can be seen as Brianda Elizabeth boards in the center of Mérida and arrives in Kanasín. Relatives already gave the information to the authorities.

For any information, please contact Brenda Cupul at 999 129 9818.




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