Leakage from Mérida’s largest water line cuts service to 100,000 customers

Leakage of a 40-inch pipe at Centro Photo: SIPSE

Due to a massive leakage from a pipe caused by construction work, more than 100,000 houses and business establishments are left without water service. As reported by SIPSE, it is expected the service will be restored the evening of this Friday [June 30].

MÉRIDA — According to SIPSE, public sector workers from the Yucatan Water and Sewage Board (JAPAY) are currently repairing the 40-inch pipe that was broken during stormwater construction works in the center of the city. This caused a massive leakage that left more than 100,000 users, from 16 colonies (colonias) and 29 neighborhoods (fraccionamientos) of the city without water service.

Manuel Carrillo Esquivel, director of the JAPAY, explained that due to this leakage on Calle 60 by 79, the service of the Mérida One Water Treatment Plant (Planta Potabilizadora Mérida Uno) was suspended. However, they are intensifying the efforts to restore service. “We are already working on repairing the pipe, and we hope that the service will be restored within 24 hours”, he stated.

According to this press report, a company hired by the City Council drilled one of the largest ducts which supplies approximately 35 percent of the total users.

Leakage of a 40-inch pipe at Centro
Photo: SIPSE

The neighborhoods affected today will be: García Ginerés; del Maestro; las Palmas (Santa Rosa); Santa Cecilia; la Huerta; las Arboleadas; Itzimná Lotificación; Itzimná; Rinconada Itzimná; Senorial; Waspa; Madrid; el Pedregal; Traves Quintero; San Luis; Alamos Nueva Alemán; Quinta Santa Rosa; Morelos Isste-Foviste l and II; Quinta Valencia; Salvador Alvarado; La Quinta; Jardines de San Sebastián; Las Palmeras ll; Itzaes; Reparto Dolores Patrón Peniche; San Miguel; el Fénix, and Lourdes.

Additionally, these are the colonies affected: Ferrocarrileros; Jesus Carranza; Industrial; Lourdes Industrial; San José; Canto; Dolores Otero; Delio Moreno Cantón; Carrillo and Ancona; Alcalá Martín; Inalámbrica; Sambulá; Nueva Sambulá; Libertad; Vicente Solís, and Santa Rosa.