Hundreds of blue crabs dislocated by storms are rescued in Cancún

Blue crabs rescued Photo: UnoTV

CANCÚN — Due to the recent tropical depression in the Yucatan Península, more than 1,100 blue crabs abandoned their habitat seeking a drier place to take refuge. Thus, with the effort of several organizations from the Benito Juarez City Council, those blue crabs were rescued from a mangrove area by Cancun residents.

The Department of Ecology, the Fire Department, and the Road Traffic and Municipal Police Management, with the help of citizens and passersby, were able to rescue hundreds of blue crabs. Then, after a 2-hour-effort, the crabs were put in containers and buckets to be then returned to their natural habitat in Puerto Juarez. By doing this, authorities prevented them from dying or being run over by cars on the Bonampak Avenue.


Blue crabs hiding under a car Photo: UnoTV
Blue crabs hiding under a car
Photo: UnoTV

The head of the Fire Department, José Luis Castro Garibay, mentioned that due to the large number of crustaceans found under parked vehicles and in areas of difficult access such as shock absorbers, motors and tires, the use of two fire trucks, a water pipe and 10 agents were needed. The blue crabs also climbed on trees, so it was necessary to use water at a very low pressure to proceed with the rescue. As a result of this, the Malecon Tajamar had to be cordoned off.

Castro Garibay stated that the help given by the citizens was of great importance, as it showed that one of the most important tasks and concerns, not only from the City Council but also from the residents themselves, is environmental care.