Forecasters watching possible tropical storms affecting the Yucatán Peninsula

Map: National Hurricane Center

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) stated Sunday June 18 that there is a 90 percent probability that a tropical storm will form in the next five days, with possible impact on the Yucatan Peninsula.

The weather system is likely to gradually develop as it moves from North to Northwest across the Yucatán Peninsula. Then, on Monday and Tuesday, it is expected to form in the southern Gulf of Mexico.

It will bring heavy rains on Central America, the Yucatán Peninsula, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and western Cuba over the next few days, explained the US National Hurricane Center.

Map: National Hurricane Center
Map: National Hurricane Center

According to forecasters, the storm could eventually have an impact on the United States; starting from the Gulf of Mexico, then to Texas, and then to Florida. “Basically, Texas and North Florida residents should keep an eye on it,” said Jack Beven, from the US NHC.

Forecasters are also watching a weather system in the southern Caribbean near the Windward Islands off the coast of South America that could eventually affect the Yucatan Peninsula.

In regards of the creation of shelters in Mérida, as reported by SIPSE, the City Council is prepared in case of a hurricane; counting with a contingency fund of 4 million pesos and 68 fully-equipped shelters able to shelter more than seven thousand people.

During the thrid session of Merida’s Civil Protection Council, Guibaldo Vargas Madrazo, Government director, stated that the city is ready to guarantee the citizens an initial response to any weather emergency that arises. The commune is equipped with sleeping pads and cleaning materials, as well as 50 thousand wells and 100 thousand square meters of city grids, which are in optimum conditions.

Such accomodation centers and shelters are dispersed throughout the city, the mayority being municipal buildings and schools; 20 shelters are in Mérida City and the other 48 in all the municipality’s commisariats.

SOURCES: El Excélsior / SIPSE / Weather Underground