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Commentary: ‘Trust your heart’

by Yucatan Times
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In this post for TYT, Merida life coach Margarita Castillo reflects on the importance of “listening to your heart.”

Two days ago, a friend posted a question in a Facebook group, asking for a Gratitude Report. She asked for something to be grateful that day; immediately, I answered:

-I’m grateful for my hope and faith  even in hard times.

After typing that, I closed my eyes and questioned myself: -Really? Since my journey in life coaching started, I’ve been practicing very hard, to listen to my soul, to follow my inner body compass and stop believing all my thoughts… Did you know that since we are kids, we are taught to stop feeling trust in our inner wisdom? How many times, as a child you feared someone, or didn’t want to kiss an old aunt who smelled bad, and were forced to be polite and do what it is supposed to be done?

How many times as a kid, you enjoyed running and feeling the air in your face and were told not to sweat too much? Or as a young adult, chosing your career based on reasons like more money to be earned or possibility of getting a better position in a company, instead of following our own dreams,  leading to unhappiness and not enjoying what you do….

How to do this? Just close your eyes, question yourself anything you want, try to feel and clearly imagine the situation, leave your mind quiet and listen…. Listen to your heart… feel in your body the answer you receive, Does it feel comfortable? Or Does it feel like something hard or pushy in some part of your body?

There is the answer, you just have to TRUST in your own wisdom…..

Sounds easy, but takes a while to feel something in your body, but it is really worth it. When you listen to your own answers, you can be surprised of them. As I felt when I answered that I was grateful for my hope and faith even in hard times.

Sometimes life gives us difficult moments, chaos or hard decisions to take, I’m there now, and I didn’t know how powerful my hope and faith is. But it is! And consciously knowing it, I feel more empowered and positive, and I know I can get wherever I want if I take the necessary steps and follow the call from my soul.


It is so soothing when you find great answers from the inside, and more power and peace can come when knowing that your answers are the best support in hard moments. This is for sure! So, what are you grateful for?

By Margarita Castillo for TYT

margarita castilloMargarita Castillo is a mother of four, writer and speaker from the heart. She is also a Life Coach, BARE Certified Coach, facilitator of The Work from Byron Katie. and Chemist specialized in Human Resources. “But first of all, I am a woman, in a constant search for learning more, sharing what I know and helping others find inner peace and self love.”


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