Many Trees falled on cars during the storm (Photo: La Verdad)

The storm affected a big area of the state.

MERIDA — Downed trees, signs and cables in Mérida and several points of the state, without human losses, were the remains from the strong wind caused by a squall that appeared on Thursday May 4, reported state authorities.

Many Trees falled on cars during the storm (Photo: La Verdad)
Many trees fell on cars during the storm. (Photo: La Verdad)

In Mérida there was traffic chaos in some areas during the passage of the wind. There were no victims, only material damages.

In a coordinated way, elements of the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) and the State Civil Protection Unit (Procivy) carried out work to attend to the population affected by the climatic contingency, with permanent surveillance and removing objects that could put on risk the integrity of pedestrians or the flow of vehicles.

According to the report, in the municipalities of Progreso the sea level rose, affecting the pier but without reaching the coastal city. Likewise, in Temax, Seyé, Teabo, Umán, Kanasín, Baca, Yaxkukul, Halachó, Motul and Hunucma, authorities reported fall of shrubs and trees.

Throughout the state, security forces will be vigilant in permanently monitoring the impact zones of the phenomenon, in order to avoid further material damages and to take care of the integrity of the families and their heritage.