Thieves grab 43 thousand pesos from music store in Merida

(Photo: La Verdad)

The assault occurred in a business that sells musical instruments.

MERIDA — At least $43,000 pesos were taken by one or several thieves, after entering around dawn on Tuesday May 2, at the Electrónica González store, located in the colony Francisco de Montejo, said authorities.

(Photo: La Verdad)
(Photo: La Verdad)

According to police, to break into the business, the criminals forced the metal shield from a window, removed the glass and entered to check what they could take. They found the cash register and a desk, that between both had 43 thousand pesos. The thieves fled with the cash where they entered.

However, the thieves did not have the opportunity to take guitars or drums or keyboards, because the window they forced was too small. The theft was discovered around 10 am when local employees arrived to open the business and immediately gave notice to the Public Security Secretariat of the state of Yucatan and the Public Ministry.

Authorities are investigating in hopes of making arrests.