Rolando Zapata Governor of Yucatan meet Samsung repersentatives (Photo: Google)

Yucatan promotion would reach the global market thanks to a joint-venture with Samsung.

MERIDA — Yucatan tourism is once again leading the way in new ways through the agreement established with Samsung, whose results will translate into a worldwide promotion of various state attractions, as well as the transfer of technology and other joint actions.

Rolando Zapata Governor of Yucatan meet Samsung repersentatives (Photo: Google)
Rolando Zapata Governor of Yucatan meet Samsung repersentatives (Photo: Google)

The head of the Ministry of Tourism, Saúl Ancona Salazar, remarked that this innovative business relationship favors both parties, as Yucatan has a global positioning and the company expands its presence in the sector within Mexico.

“Globally, the advertising and public relations that Samsung will offer to the destination are estimated at more than 100 million pesos, considering the internal communication to customers and subsidiaries, newsletters and press releases, in addition to the presence of the brand Yucatan along with that of the Asian firm, which will allow positioning the state in the best places,” he said.

With this alliance, Samsung will provide the International Congress Center of Yucatan, “Powered by Samsung” air conditioning, monitors, display equipment and wireless networks, which will bring a 40% savings in equipment maintenance and energy consumption.

In addition, a marketing agreement is established by the company for the promotion and direct sale of the calendar of the site, as well as public relations campaigns in favor of the new property and the state at the national and global levels. This includes its network of clients, press releases and dissemination of the Samsung-Yucatan relationship worldwide, including positioning at fairs and events.

Ancona Salazar explained that this agreement is not a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) or a Service Delivery Project (PPS), it has a commercial orientation that will be evaluated and strengthened as it progresses.

“The relationship we have established is innovative. We are the first state to develop new forms of tourism and with this alliance it will be managed in a professional manner, with a business program that places Yucatan at the top of the ranking,” remarked the state official.

He also explained that the role of Yucatan in the cooperation with Samsung served as a spearhead so that, similarly, the Council of Tourism Promotion of Mexico established an agreement with the company to spread and promote the different destinations in the country.

Recalling that the relationship began 15 months ago, the head of Sefotur said that in the next 60 days he will have specific strategies for the next 24 months of work. He clarified that although the consortium is an ally of Yucatan, the International Congress Center may host events of other companies, so there is no exclusivity.

According to Forbes magazine, which ranks the world’s top and most valuable brands since 2010, Samsung is among the top 15, with a value equivalent to $36.1 billion USD in 2016. The company represents 23 percent of the Gross Domestic Product of Korea.


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