Federal deputy seeks to certify tourist services in Yucatán

Mérida Yucatán Main Square Park (Photo: Google)

MERIDA — The federal deputy, Zacil Moguel Manzur, announced that the Tourism Commission, to which she belongs, promotes the certification of tourism services, as Yucatan occupies fourth place in the national ranking, on tourist influx.

(Photo: Google)
(Photo: Google)

“We try to boost the certification of tourism services; Yucatan is an important touristic destination, in fact it figures as the fourth largest influx, with Quintana Roo occupying first place. We are promoting the certification and specialization of tourist services, as we are receiving the constantly growing amount of people that are arriving to visit the city, and that encourages us to give better attention to the people who come to visit us,” she said.

“Through this initiative we want to reform the Federal Tourism Law, to allow touristic services providers to improve their qualifications and quality in products and services, also it’s pursued to obtain economic support to help them to formalize their activities,” she emphasized.

Regarding the insecurity that is experienced in Cancun and that could affect not only the tourist arrivals there, but also Yucatan because of its proximity, the federal deputy said that there are proposals by the legislators so that this can be combatted.

“The first thing we must do is to endorse the communication in all police orders, to coordinate efforts, which are never sufficient to attend to all the citizenship and the support of the federal government,” she said.

Source: www.yucatanalamano.com