Up to 55 years in jail for ex-Gov. Duarte?

Former Governors Duarte (left) and Yarrington. (PHOTO: sdpnoticias.com)

If convicted of money laundering and organized crime, the former governor of Veracruz could finish up with a 55-year prison sentence, says a senior official in the Attorney General’s office.

According to mexiconewsdaily.com, Alberto Elías Beltrán said in a Radio Fórmula interview Thursday April 20 that the penalty for money laundering is five to 15 years, and that for organized crime is 20 to 40.

Elías said it was likely that the Mexican government would present an extradition request to the Guatemala government next week to have Javier Duarte sent home to answer to both charges.

Duarte, who was arrested last Saturday in Guatemala after spending six months as a fugitive, appeared yesterday before a tribunal in Guatemala City, where he reserved the right to accept the extradition order until it had been submitted and then reviewed by his attorneys.
Former Governors Duarte (left) and Yarrington. (PHOTO: sdpnoticias.com)
Former Governors Duarte (left) and Yarrington. (PHOTO: sdpnoticias.com)

Wanted in connection with the embezzlement of billions of pesos, the ex-governor told the court he had spent the previous six months in Guatemala.

An extradition process against another ex-governor, also wanted for corruption, is still under way in Italy.

Tomás Yarrington, the former governor of Tamaulipas, was arrested in Florence April 9, following which there appeared to be a brief tug-of-war between Mexico and the United States over who would get to prosecute him first.

But the former has since conceded to allow that priority be given to the extradition request by the U.S.

Yarrington is wanted for drug trafficking in Mexico and for importing and distributing drugs, money laundering, bank fraud and illicit money operations in the U.S.

Source: mexiconewsdaily.com