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New mixed-use development announced: ‘Distrito Cancun’

by Yucatan Times

Through last year the construction of many new urban developments has been started, prompting TYT to check Creato Arquitectos web site to learn more about a proposed new real estate project in Cancun.

Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)

Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)

According to Creato Arquitectos official web site, Distrito Cancun is the name of this development that will be located to the southwest of the city in a 120,000 m2 area in a privileged point with park and mangrove views, as well as hotel zone views. Distrito Cancun is composed of residential area, a school and commercial development, all of this joined in a unique and novel manner that mixes interiors and exteriors with the distinctive signature style of Creato.

Creato boasts a re-inventive style with every new project always keeping its personality that distinguishes this firm as international, dominating and perfecting volumes merging functionality, originality and esthetics.

This development offers a hip and trendy lifestyle combining basic needs of education and recreation, bringing them close to the residential area. Attending to these needs Distrito Cancun offers several concepts like a Linea Park, which brings green areas in to the architecture of the complex creating harmonic spaces between design and nature.

In general terms the complex is composed by two areas, educational and administrative, the administrative area is located to the south of the lot with access to the only road making this the main access, with a secondary access on the east of the building with direct access to high school.

The complex was planned since first instance giving special treatment to the areas that will be occupied by the younger students, in order to guarantee their security. Educational area, recreational area and cultural area merge in between interactive gardens, green areas and resting squares.

It will include:

  • Two entrances with private security
  • Parking lots
  • Drop off line
  • Lobby
  • Administration area
  • Interactive Gardens
  • Coffee shops
  • Basketball courts
  • Football field
  • Pool
  • Multipurpose courts
  • Discovery Center: Library, Multipurpose rooms, Laboratories, Auditorium and Interactive classrooms
  • Buffer Park
  • Moms Club
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)
Render (Image: Creato Arquitectos)

Distrito Cancun features seven towers each of sixteen floors and parking lots with amazing views to parks and mangrove swamps.

Among the amenities offered by the development there are:

  • Adult pools
  • Kids pools
  • Restaurants
  • Bar
  • Kids club
  • Teens club
  • Reading club
  • Hall events
  • Tennis court and multipurpose court

This development offers an exclusive commercial area with executive hotel and office spaces. This modern design merges insides and outsides, as the main idea of Distrito Cancún, taking advantage of lighting and transition of spaces maintaining views without compromising design and functionality.

Source: www.creatoarquitectos.com

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