New hurricane early warning to be implemented this year

The meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Dr. Lixion Avila, announced Tuesday April 4 at the 12th International Hurricane Seminar in Merida that this hurricane season the center will apply a new designation for the warning of tropical cyclones.

NHC experts will call it a Potential Tropical Cyclone and it will be accompanied by all elements of a proximate dangerous hurricane forecast. This new notice will give a time of at least 48 hours for civil, governmental, maritime authorities and citizens to take measures to prevent a cyclonic attack.


The hurricane seminar, organized by Grupo Asur, operator of Mérida’s international airport and eight other cities in the Mexican Southeast, began with 140 attendees. It is being held at the Hyatt Hotel in Merida.

In this event officials confirmed the arrival of the Hurricane Hunter aircraft on April 24 at the airport in Merida.





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