Mexican Customs to phase out “red light – green light” inspections

(PHOTO: Yucatan Holidays)

The traffic light lottery utilized by Mexican Customs will soon be a quirk of the past, reports

Changes intended to improve service to travelers include elimination of the traffic signals that randomly select people for a baggage search at Customs entry points.

At present, travelers must press a button when passing through Customs, and those who get a green light are free to go. The unlucky minority who get a red have their bags searched.

(PHOTO: Yucatan Holidays)
(PHOTO: Yucatan Holidays)

The changes will be implemented at Mexico City airport’s Terminal 2 as a pilot project and will include the elimination of Customs declarations forms that are completed by travelers coming from abroad.

At airports, baggage will be inspected by x-ray scanners while in transit between planes and baggage carousels in coordination with the Federal Police.

Following the pilot, the new system will be introduced gradually at Terminal 1 in Mexico City and at the international airports in Cancún, Los Cabos, Guadalajara and Monterrey, through which 85% of international travelers arrive in Mexico. Plans call for all international airports in Mexico, including Merida, to phase out the red light – green light system over time.

Authorities say the new procedures, which are standard practice internationally, will make it simpler and safer for those travelers, for whom control and inspection measures will be imperceptible.