(Photo: Google)

A local biologist found it near Mezcalitos beach.

COZUMEL — Almost a month before the season officially starts for the arrival of sea turtles to the coast of Cozumel, on Monday, April 17 about 18:30 hours, there was confirmed the first arrival of one of these creatures.

(Photo: Google)
(Photo: Google)

The specimen of loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta), was discovered by biologist Rafael Chacón Diaz, who photographed to record the fact.

While cycling in the eastern zone, at the height of the beach of Mezcalitos, he found it searching for a place to nest.

“They only know that they arrive at the moment when they have to start their breeding cycles and go to the sites where they were born to spawn,” said the biologist via telephone, who today is the Director of Conservation and Environmental Education of the Foundation of Cozumel Parks and Museums.

So far, the Department of Ecology of Cozumel City is making preparations for the arrival season that officially begins on May 15.

Source: sipse.com