TULUM, Q. Roo — The “Varios Barrios” festival to be held on Saturday April 8 in Akumal seeks to promote the sense of belonging to our natural environment and celebrate through art collaboration, the pursuit of experiencing and living along with nature.

An artist decorating a wall at a previous event (Photo: SIPSE)

“This event initiated as a way of expressing ourselves and moving from graffiti to something else, because we know that intervening the walls of the neighborhoods has an impact, so we gradually became a movement,” said the artist Deken Kodeak, principal promoter of the event supported by the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary and Rescued Animals.

During a week, the participating artists from Canada, Spain and Chile, as well as guests from Villahermosa, Campeche, Mérida, Mexico City, Cancun and Playa del Carmen, will create home-related art which will represent a symbol of the paradise that receives visitors, the artist community and fauna.

The “Varios Barrios” movement shows “the integration of artists, their vision of society through an intimate approach to nature, the biological origin of the extraordinary scenery and what it represents to Mayan culture,” said their promoters. The team is composed of several dozen young people willing to put and remove scaffolding, prepare paint, wash brushes and decorate public spaces.

During the event, the artists will offer a painting workshop for children and a stencil technique workshop for adolescents. At the end of the event it is expected to achieve a circuit of 17 murals.

Source: http://sipse.com/