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Cancun transit police ‘hunt’ tourists

by Yucatan Times
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With the arrival of Easter and tourism in Cancun, economic extortions are multiplied by Transit police officers in exchange for not imposing the corresponding infraction in the radar operations that are carried out on Lopez Portillo Avenue in both directions, regardless of the unsuspecting who are “hunted” in their travels around the city.

At specific points, usually behind a tree or in the middle of a curve, the Transit elements are like jackals waiting for their prey.

There is no argument, when a driver is stopped by a patrol or motorcycle rider, you know that along with your vehicle documentation and driver license you must also carry at least 200 pesos.

The roadblocks to Merida were installed on Sunday from eight o’clock in the morning on both the entry and exit lanes. Although it was possible to observe that the police officers were issuing tickets, most of the vehicles did not delay more than five minutes at the roadblocks, insufficient time to complete all the procedures involved in issuing a ticket.

Cancun Transit Police vehicle. (PHOTO: lapalabradelcaribe.com)

Cancun Transit Police vehicle. (PHOTO: lapalabradelcaribe.com)

In addition to the radar operatives, in different parts of the city, operations were implemented focused exclusively on reviewing the documentation of motorcyclists who lacked a operator license or circulation card. These drivers were instructed to leave their machines, which were promptly towed away, while the driver and companion, if any, were forced to board a bus, taxi or just walk, if their destination was not far from the point of review.

What seems absurd to many drivers, especially tourists who come to enjoy their vacation at the destination, is that on the stretch of Lopez Portillo that connects with the federal highway the speed limit is 60 kilometers per hour when the characteristics would allow an average limit of 80 kilometers per hour, at least to the point where housing starts.

Jesús Angulo Ramírez, a tourist from the state of Mexico whose van was stopped at the checkpoint, was presented as his first impression of the destination with a ticket of infraction, said that it seems that those in charge of installing the markings that mark the speed limit did so with all the malice of the world.

“You come down the federal highway at 80 or 90 kilometers an hour and suddenly you have to go down the curve, the officer tells me that there is a sign of 60 but I did not see it because it is very hidden. I turn the bend and I see a road of three lanes and by logic I think that to circulate to 80 kilometers is good speed, but I am stopped by the agents and they give me the fine, neither a call of attention, nor a warning, nothing, I think it is not worth it”.

Juan Carlos Robles, of Cancun, said that “transit officers do not do their job well, they are more to take a bribe than to fulfill their obligation, and in fact, some of those on the patrols seem to be sleeping, but well they wake up at the time of extorting the drivers”.

Source: lapalabradelcaribe.com

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