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CANCUN — Due to the recent criminal acts in the city of Cancun, the municipal authorities in Benito Juárez announced on Wednesday April 5 that bars and discos of this tourist destination will begin to close earlier.

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(Photo: Google)

As reported by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, most of the killings and other criminal acts in Cancun in the lasts months have occurred past midnight, so it’s for this reason that the Municipality will make the owners of these types of establishments limit their working hours and selling alcohol.

Currently, these businesses are allowed to operate until nine in the evening in the downtown area and until three in the morning in the case of the hotel zone. Those owners who wish to expand their schedules must pay for every extra hour they request.

In the most recent incident of violence in Cancun, a group of unknown people attacked the “Santino” bar located near the entrance to the hotel’s zone, leaving three people dead and two injured.

According to REPORTUR.mx, the president of AMResorts, Gonzalo del Peon, said during his participation in the Tourism Fair of Acapulco that the growing insecurity in Mexico is a matter of greater concern than the possible effects of the decisions of the American government presided over by Donald Trump.

Found at: www.reportur.com

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