Tour La Plancha Saturday

The former railway platform needs to be renovated. (PHOTO:

On Saturday March 11, the public is invited to tour the La Plancha railway station and staging yards in central Merida, where activists hope to create a large Central Park-style green space.

The tours, which will depart from the railway station starting at 9 a.m., will wrap up around noon. The departure point is located at Calles 55 and 48.

Gran Parque la Plancha’s master plan intends to convert abandoned railroad yards between Calles 55 and 43 and Calles 48 and 46 into a much-needed park that would reclaim a no-man’s-land and eyesore in Merida’s urban core.


Cristina de León, project coordinator for Parques de Mexico, said the group is actively recruiting volunteers from both expat and local communities to lend time and expertise to the La Plancha project.

Interested volunteers should contact Parques de Mexico at or call 999 944 4060.

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