Survey chooses best private high schools in Merida

Colegio Peninsular is one of Merida's top-rated private schools. (PHOTO:

The Improve Your School platform ( allows you to know what the best schools are, according to the results of the PLANEA Test.

It is a citizen initiative that offers information broken down by entity, municipality and educational level.

Four private high schools in Merida were rated as Excellent. They are:

Escuela Ubicación Turno
Colegio Peninsular Calle: Calle 21 Num. 131. Mérida Matutino
Colegio América De Mérida, A.c. Calle: Calle 58-A Num. 493. Mérida Matutino
Universidad Anáhuac, Bachillerato Cumbres Mérida Calle: Calle 5 S/n (Fracc. Montecristo). Mérida Matutino
Preparatoria Cela Calle: Calle 21-A Num. 357-A. Mérida Matutino

In you can search and learn how your children’s school is, compare it with other schools in your area, rate it and give your opinion about things that need improvement and those that are already doing well.

In Yucatan there are about 50 thousand spaces for high school, of which 35 thousand are public schools, to accommodate all those who wish to enter high school.

Colegio Peninsular is one of Merida's top-rated private schools. (PHOTO:
Colegio Peninsular is one of Merida’s top-rated private schools. (PHOTO:

The National Higher Education Entrance Exam (Exani-I) will be applied on Saturday, May 27, and the results will be published starting Friday, June 9, at the campus where the student presented.




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