Money-laundering probe could cancel Yucatan Leones’ 2017 baseball season


The Yucatán Leones could be out of the 2017 Mexican Baseball League season, as their owners, the brothers Juan José and Erick Arellano Hernández are facing economic liquidity problems due to their frozen bank accounts. The bank accounts were frozen due to an investigation by the National Banking Commission, according to an article published Monday March 6 in Proceso magazine.

It should be noted that it is not the first time that the Arellano Hernández brothers have been blocked from their bank accounts, since in 2015 they were hit for the first time and last year suffered a second reprimand.

The Arellano Hernandez brothers are owners of the Yucatan Leones. (PHOTO:
The Arellano Hernandez brothers are owners of the Yucatan Leones. (PHOTO:

The Leones owners were investigated for money laundering through their companies, most of which are based in Mazatlan, where they originate. However, according to the publication, the companies that form Grupo ArHe, of the Arellano Hernández, are free since there is no evidence that the resources are of illicit origin. Despite this, the accounts have not been thawed and none of their sponsors can make transactions with them.

The lawyer who is assisting the Arellano Hernández brothers is the criminal specialist Juan Velásquez, who has defended politicians like Carlos and Raul Salinas de Gortari.

It should be noted that in 2016 the Arellano brothers also bought a majority of the Vaqueros of the Laguna Union, a team that would also be at risk of being out of the 2017 LMB season that starts on March 31.

So far none of the owners of the Leones or Vaqueros have commented on the matter.-