Two students from the Polytechnic University of Altamira in southeastern state of Tamaulipas, achieved the third place in Taiwan’s International Science Fair with the app project: “Personal security manager for smartphones”.

The science fair gathered 156 projects from 25 countries. Taiwan achieved the first and two places, while Carlo Alejandro Zavala Morales, a student of Industrial Engineering, and Martín Andrés Gómez Reyna, a Technology undergraduate, from Mexico were awarded the third place.

Three students from Tamaulipas, Mexico, shine in Taiwan science fair (Photo: El Universal)

“The project stems from security needs arising from this particular part of the country (Tamaulipas) which touch us all… we have been working on this idea for a year and have already had conversations with Google and universities like the National Autonomous University of Mexico to move on with the project”, said Zavala Morales.

The project offers connectivity to a NASA server showing real-time information on seismic and weather events. The app is based on algorithms that determine the region and time of an event beforehand offering preventive action, as well as the location, tracking and communication within devices in case of natural disaster or security crisis.