Merida-Miami flight forced to return due to engine ‘overheating’

On Wednesday March 15, an Aeromexico plane with 80 passengers aboard left Merida for Miami. A few minutes later the control panel reported a mechanical fault and the plane returned.

According to reports, there was an “overheating” of engine number two, whose temperature rose for reasons that are unknown.

Before the notice was registered in the cabin the crew determined to return to Merida even though its flight was of less than an hour and a half duration, crossing the Gulf of Mexico to Florida.

The plane had reached a considerable altitude when the alarm appeared. Passengers were informed that for security measures it was better to return. The incident occured about 11 a.m. Wednesday.


Uncertainty reigned among the passengers on the Aeromexico flight, as they would not meet their travel plans as scheduled and others would miss connecting flights that they would have taken in Miami.

Flight 420 would not reach its destination on time, although the airline’s web page indicated a delay of one hour. Some passengers were accommodated on the next flight, 534, and others would wait in Merida or be sent to another destination bound for Miami.

“The extra expenses will be borne by the company,” was one of the reports that were given to passengers.

There was no more official information. However, it was learned that the plane  would not leave Wednesday, as mechanics from Mexico City would be expected to check the plane and determine the causes of “overheating.”

The thermometer indicated near 150 degrees centigrade, about 300 fahrenheit, in the engine.

Travelers were only told that it was a mechanical fault detected in the controls and that “for security measure” they would return to Merida.