Italian fugitive arrested in PDC — after showing off his lifestyle on social media

Alleged Italian drug dealer was arrested in Playa del Carmen. (PHOTO:

PLAYA DEL CARMEN — A bungling drug trafficker was arrested after he showed off his luxury lifestyle on social media using his real name — even though he was wanted by Interpol, according to British newspaper The Daily Mail.

Ivan Fornari, a suspected drug dealer from Italy, was arrested in Playa del Carmen, when detectives were tipped off about his whereabouts after he bragged about his lavish lifestyle in the coastal resort on social media.

Fornari was living illegally in Mexico, so the Mexican authorities delivered him to the Italian authorities.

An arrest warrant had been issued by Interpol over his alleged involvement in a case of international drug trafficking between Spain and Italy.

Fornari posted various pictures on social media of himself having fun at the beach, socializing with different women, and working out at the gym.

The fact that he had used his real name online helped authorities to track him down.

Alleged Italian drug dealer was arrested in Playa del Carmen. (PHOTO:
Alleged Italian drug dealer was arrested in Playa del Carmen. (PHOTO:

According to Italian police, between 2013 and 2014, Fornari was involved in several drug trafficking operations moving more than 132 lbs of hashish.

In May 2016 he was considered a fugitive, and in October the warrant for his arrest was issued, but he had already fled Italy.

Police said that Fornari first went to Spain, and then moved to Mexico a year ago, where he had set up a restaurant.

Agents tracked his home, a gym he was managing and even the beach he regularly visited, in order to catch him.

Fornari is the second Italian criminal extradited from Mexico in less than a week.

On Friday Giulio Perrone, 65, a member of the mafia-affiliated Camorra crime syndicate, was arrested in the state of Tamaulipas, in north-eastern Mexico.

The suspected drug trafficker was also arrested because he shared pictures of himself on social media, reports said.