Isla Mujeres taxi drivers claim union leader is behind slaying of member


CANCÚN — Delegates from the Isla Mujeres taxi driver union gathered on Saturday, February 25, to denounce constant threats by Eduardo Peniche “El Wato”, leader of the union and his delegates who seek to continue to lead the organization.

Taxi drivers union members report death threats (Photo: La Verdad Noticias.)


They said that the taxi driver who was executed last week on Av Leone Vicario, Region 219, was deprived of his life for seeking democracy within the Isla Mujeres taxi union, “Gustavo Díaz Ordaz”.

They added that the person who was shot dead had already been threatened at a party held on the island during December, even claiming that the deceased was detained and Eduardo Peniche ‘El Wato’ entered the jail to threaten him.

Likewise, they asked the General State Attorney to turn the investigation line to Eduardo Peniche and union delegates, because they fear for their life, and rumors have reached them that two other taxi drivers have received death threats.