Initiative seeks to introduce Cozumel residents to the island’s reefs

Cozumel has the world's second largest barrier reef. (PHOTO: La Verdad)

COZUMEL — Cozumel has much beauty to offer to national and international visitors, as well as the locals themselves, who unfortunately are the least to know the attractions that the island offers.

Cozumel has the second largest reef barrier in the world. (Photo: La verdad)

For this reason, yesterday the tourism program ‘Cozumeleño, know your reefs’ was presented.

The scheme is carried out jointly by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (SEMA), the Conanp (National Commission of Protected Natural Areas) and sponsors of the private initiative. The program consists of touring people of limited resources and vulnerable groups to the reefs of the island, which are classified as the second largest barrier reef in the world.

At a press conference, the president of the Parks and Museums Foundation of Cozumel, Pedro Joaquín Delbouis, explained that the program is a permanent environmental education activity in favor of coral reefs, in which the inhabitants of the island, mainly children, will have the opportunity to enjoy and become protective guards of these submarine ecosystems.

“The inhabitants of the islands, especially those who do not have resources, are protagonists of the program”, he said.