(PHOTO: sipse.com)

CANCÚN — Contrary to the statistics presented by Marketing Consultants, which indicated that the flow of visitors to nightclubs decreased in 2016, compared to the previous year, different personnel from bars and clubs said that last year the goals were achieved and that so far this year the numbers are on the rise, having an occupation of 100% in the current spring break season.

Canadian and American Spring Breakers keep arriving to the destination. (Photo: SIPSE)

In February, Marketing Consultants unveiled its “Tourism Study”, in which it noted that in areas such as restaurants or shopping centers, the influx of visitors had increased, and in nightclubs it had decreased, which was not agreed by the interviewees.

“We can already see the arrival of springbreakers, we always start with Canadian tourism and then Americans come next. We did not record a reduction last year, and so far we are going according to expectations, it is true that there is not a great growth compared to 2016, but we remain stable,” said Sebastián Robles Jiménez, public relations manager of Coco Bongo.

The public relations department of Grupo Antromex Cancún, which includes bars, nightclubs and beach clubs, reported that they have also met their goals and have not registered a decline.

However, they acknowledged that the Canadian market did show a decline, clarifying that although they came to the destination, they did not go to nightclubs as expected.

Source: http://sipse.com/