According to the Secretariat of Economic Development of Baja California, Mexico (Sedeco), Samsung will maintain its investment in the region and will create 200 new jobs this year.

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Samsung Mexico plans to remain in Tijuana and has no intention of moving its production plant anywhere else, confirmed the Secretariat of Economic Development of Baja California.

This was in response to information released by the US newspaper the Wall Street Journal in which it mentioned that the South Korean company intends to move part of its manufacturing in Mexico to the United States.

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This sounded alarm bells in different states of the country where the company operates, among them Baja California, and in particular Tijuana.

A couple of years ago the company announced that it would invest 100 million dollars in Tijuana to continue with its five year project (2019), and in this way create at least one thousand new jobs.

In its Tijuana plant, the company produces Smart TV and LCD screens and last year, Samsung produced 18 million televisions there.





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