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More Important Than Your Passport!

by Yucatan Times
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Recently the Yucatan Times interviewed John Klug, a Senior Representative for Travel MedEvac.

TYT: John, you’ve said that Emergency Medical Evacuation protection is more important than a passport.  What do you mean?

Pretty simple…your passport got you to Mexico…but there is only one way to get home to Canada or the US if you have an unforeseen medical situation.  You absolutely have to have dedicated Medical Evacuation coverage.

TYT: But, John, how realistic is the danger that something might happen here?

Here’s what I tell folks, and it is absolutely true. Government statistics show there’s a one-in-seven chance for people our age that you’ll be hospitalized sometime in the next year.  One-in-seven!  Things happen, even if you’re in Mexico, so you absolutely have to have a plan how to get home.


American passport

Canadian Passport


TYT: But, don’t most people have medical protection on one of their premium credit cards, travel insurance, homeowners, etc.?

It depends what you mean by “protection”?  If you look at the fine print of all those types policies, they read the same.  You’ll be taken to the “nearest appropriate medical facility”.  Translated, that means to a local Mexican hospital, where you probably don’t want to be, and you will likely get stuck with a big bill.

Version 3

John Klug, a Senior Representative for Travel MedEvac

For example, do a Google search with these key terms: “Indiana woman.  Trapped.  Cancun hospital”.  You’ll read news reports of a lady who recently had to pay a $107,000 bill before they’d let her out of the hospital!

TYT: So how can people protect themselves?

Again, only one way.  Medical Evacuation coverage.  One phone call to my company, Travel MedEvac, and within hours we would have had the lady out of the hospital and back to her home in Indiana…before she ran up a large bill.  Remember, we’ll take you anywhere you want to go in the US or Canada.  Back to the hospitals, doctors, insurance you know and trust… and near family.


In summary, your passport got you here…but never leave home without Travel MedEvac.  It’s amazingly affordable.

For as low as $275 per couple per year you can be completely covered. And for Life, even if your health situation changes.  No deductibles.  No add-on’s.  No hassles.  One phone call.

Call or email me.

TYT: Thank you John.  Important information

For more information on Medical Tourism go to http://www.yucatanhealthcare.com/?lang=en

John Klug, Senior Consultant

  • Travel MedEvac
  • 984-169-2600 (Mexico)
  • 720-570-7883 (US)
  • [email protected]
  • www.MexicoTravelCare.com

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