Merida airport closed briefly due to light aircraft accident

Merida International Airport (File photo)

The two runways of Merida International Airport were closed briefly Sunday Feb. 19 by an accident involving a light aircraft based here.

Reports indicate that a single-engine Beechcraft was in the process of landing, when part of its landing gear system broke down. A subsequent report indicated one of the plane’s wheels burst on contact with the runway.

Merida International Airport (File photo)
Merida International Airport (File photo)

After the emergency the two runways were closed, as indicated by the airport protocol, which caused the operations of international and national takeoffs and landings to be suspended, for at least a half an hour.

In the accident, registered near 1 p.m., no personal injuries were reported

The Merida airport incident came several days after a small plane crashed Feb. 15 while attempting to make a forced landing at Chichen Itza Airport in eastern Yucatan. All five aboard this aircraft suffered injuries, including the pilot, who remains hospitalized.