Gas prices in Mexico to fluctuate with market starting this week

Photo: Pemex gas pump.

Mexico’s Finance Ministry said that national gasoline prices fell 2 Mexican centavos per liter on Saturday Feb. 18, but prices would be set daily beginning this week as the country moves toward a free market in gasoline, Reuters reported.

The ministry said in a statement that maximum prices would be published daily, with Saturday’s price holding until the next update on Tuesday Feb. 21.

Prices will be set going forward on the web page of the Energy Regulator Commision (

Photo: Pemex gas pump.
Pemex gas pump.

Mexico raised gasoline prices at the start of the year, and the 14 percent hike in regular gas prices sparked protests and looting around the country. The hike helped drive the annual inflation rate in January to its highest level in more than four years.

The government is expected to adjust the amount of tax it charges on gasoline in a bid to moderate price fluctuations this year.

In its statement, the government said a rebound in oil prices above estimates used in the 2017 budget and a stronger exchange rate “allow for more gradual movements” in gasoline prices “in a fiscally responsible way.”


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