Check out these five choice boutique hotels in Tulum

A boutique hotel in Tulum. (PHOTO: Michelle Rae)

Writing in, Michelle Rae came up with a list of five particularly appealing boutique hotels in Tulum.

“Tulum is the yoga capital of the world,” my guide says as we walk around one of the properties I was visiting during my short time in Tulum, Mexico. It was a declaration to be taken with a grain of salt. Still, the influence of yoga is undeniable in this tiny area south of the more mainstream-famous Riviera Maya.

What’s also evident is its bon vivant bohemian flair, with its artsy shops, gastronomic indulgence and boutique hotels. They’re all nestled in a rustic stage that treads carefully so as to preserve the natural beauty that makes Tulum an extraordinary, wildly appealing place.

A visit here is a visit for the senses, to reconnect with yourself and your creativity. And one of these five brilliant boutique hotels is the perfect setting to get you started.

A boutique hotel in Tulum. (PHOTO: Michelle Rae)
A boutique hotel in Tulum. (PHOTO: Michelle Rae)

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