Beautiful mestizas and elegant gentlemen proudly display their Yucatecan roots in Merida carnival

Carnival participants and spectatorts enjoyed the colorful display. (PHOTO: Notimex)

On Monday night Feb. 27, the Mérida carnival was a regional sample of Yucatecan culture.

The colorful carnival costumes, outfits and masks were left behind for one night to give way to the modern mestizas and elegant gentlemen who wore their best typical Yucatecan attire along the four kilometers of the route in the Plaza Carnival of Merida.

Francisco Rosado Solis, king of the Mérida Carnival 2017, said: “Today is a carnival, today is a special night that makes us very different from all carnivals because today is our regional night, when we diplay our roots as Yucatecans.”

It is a different party and it is done preserve the roots of culture in Yucatan, like its music.

Unlike the other days, Monday was in typical costume, the men in guayaberas and white pants, the women in their dresses called huipiles, with multicolored embroidery and adorned with jewelry.

Gloria González Lara, of Yucatan, commented: “Very beautiful, very beautiful and very colorful because we are representing our state that is Yucatan.”

All in white, mestizos and mestizas distributed in 76 comparsas, performed their best choreographies to the rhythm of traditional dances such as jaranas and trova.

Carnival participants and spectatorts enjoyed the colorful display. (PHOTO: Notimex)
Carnival participants and spectators enjoyed the colorful display. (PHOTO: Notimex)

21 floats and giant balloons, works of 20 indigenous Mayan craftsmen, were also part of the parade.

Ofelia Ek Puc, of Yucatan, said: “It is a regional night and many people visit here and bring our outfits that are from Yucatan. I am very proud of my costume.”

More than 35 thousand people have enjoyed the party in 6 days.

20 towers with surveillance cameras, seven first-aid modules and 1,140 state and municipal elements, were in charge of security.