Yucatecan jewelery company one of the best to invest in 2017: Forbes

Photo: Facebook/ @SabidoBasteris)

Yucatecan jewelery company Sabido & Basteris is one of the 20 best national companies to invest in 2017, according to prestigious business publication Forbes Magazine.

The jewelery and accessories design company founded by Victor Sabido Basteri, is considered by this influential publisher as one of the brands that most investors will follow in 2017.

“Here is a list of designers and entrepreneurs from Mexico and Central America, featuring the companies under the investors’ radars throughout the year 2017,” reads the Forbes edition.

Sabido & Basteris is among the top 20 companies in all Latin America called to revolutionize the world of fashion and jewelry design, according to Forbes.

Photo: Facebook/ @SabidoBasteris)
Photo: Facebook/ @SabidoBasteris)

In recent days, the designer company made the feature presentation of its new showroom, seeking to position Mérida as a reference for the design of exclusive jewelry in international markets such as Hong Kong, Japan, Paris and London.

Sabido Basteri stated that this showroom intends to attract an important sector of high-purchasing-power visitors that commonly seek these kind of products.

Photo: Facebook/ @SabidoBasteris)
Photo: Facebook/ @SabidoBasteris)

“It took years of work, sacrifice, research and tenacity to be where we are today, under the spotlight of publications like Forbes. It is hard to open doors in New York, Paris, London, iconic cities that dominate the world jewelery design and luxury market”, Sabido said.

Forbes points out that Víctor Sabido has revolutionized jewelry thanks to the development of “Argento Sb”, a four microns thread whose base is pure silver. It has a thickness of half the diameter of a human hair and gives color to silver.

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