World-famous Mr. Chow opens its eighth restaurant in Mexico

One of the most important new restaurants that opened its doors in Mexico in 2016 (yes, we can’t get over the fact that it’s already 2017) was Mr. Chow. The upscale Chinese restaurant that, since 1968, has been a hotspot for socialites, foodies and celebrities in cities around the world such as New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and London.

Serving traditional Beijing cuisine, the experience at Mr. Chow characterizes itself as an elegant environment with touches of contemporary art.

For example, in the Mexico City branch, the restaurant has several pieces by Andy Warhol and the Mexican painter Abraham Cruzvillegas.

At Mr. Chow, you can enjoy champagne by the flute, and accompany it with, of course, Mr. Chow’s famous Peking duck, which is perfectly crispy on the outside and succulent and tender on the inside.

We wanted to know more about how this dish, which Mr. Chow has perfected over several decades, is made and we found out that the duck is slow-roasted for over 24 hours.

Other dishes you can’t miss are Mr. Chow’s famous hand-made noodles, glazed shrimp, chicken with lettuce, dumplings and satay chicken.


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