Theater producers to take Mexican works to U.S.

José Manuel López Velarde. (PHOTO:

Theater producers Óscar Carnicero and José Manuel López Velarde are interested in forming a theatrical pact between Mexico and the United States, supported by school and cultural institutions, to begin staging in both countries.

Notimex reported the creators closed an alliance with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM, for its acronym in Spanish) to begin with this project that will manage and exchange talent of actors, producers, directors and writers. Now they have the first test script.

“We are going to present a showcase of a theater play in New York called “The name of the game “, written by José Manuel López Velarde and will be presented in September before producers in New York to produce it there with American actors.

“It will be a co-production with the UNAM, which is going to be very interesting, the idea is to break borders, which today we are not achieving, and is a very interesting proposal to which the UNAM joined,” said Carnicero in an interview with Notimex.

“The name of the game” is a work written by José Manuel López Velarde who likes to explore the themes of couple and gender identity and who is about to release the work “EnFidelidades” next February 14 in La Teatreria, Mexico City.

José Manuel López Velarde. (PHOTO:
José Manuel López Velarde. (PHOTO:

“He talks about gender identity, José is very focused on that, he also touches on the issue of nations, barriers and limits, so I think it comes at a fair time and we hope that American cultural institutions will join us, not caring about who is the president of here and there, but we will work as it is supposed to, in union”.

Also, by closing this alliance with the Maximum House of Studies, they will begin to work to do at least two works a year with them. “We are going to produce two works with UNAM theater, we have just closed this deal”.